We are the best JUNK & YARD WASTE REMOVAL Service in TAC0MA WASHINGTON. We are here to take care of all your junk removal needs from a simple one item pick up to a major estate clean up. We take pride in our excellent customer service, speed and professionalism. Our main goal is to make your experience with us fast, easy, and professional. We are also committed to recycling and donating. We are the only company to do a free money giveaway contest. We like to use technology to make things simple and quick. 

There are two things you can do to make the process super fast. Put all your junk in one pile in a place where we can back right up to it. Then just text us a couple of photos  and we can send you our trailers and our prices. Once we make an agreement with you, we can remove your items in as little as an hour. Of course that scenario can't always be done. If you need us to remove everything from your residence we have the manpower to get any job done.

Text or call for TACOMA JUNK REMOVAL today. 2537929801





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At RJP we will pretty much haul off just about anything from junk to yard waste in Tacoma. The only thing we don't take is chemicals. Let us make your life easy. Click to find out more details. 

We have a 5x10x4 trailer (7 Cubic Yards) with a drop down gate for smaller loads. The drop down gate makes it easy for us to roll up appliances in our trailer with our appliance dolly.  We use our large  6x12x5'6"dump trailer(14 Cubic Yards) for large loads of junk or yard waste. It is way more efficient to hire us to do all your removal needs. Our dump trailer gets the jobs done in half the time and you don't have to risk getting an injury. Our guys safely do all the heavy lifting to make your life easier. We can tackle any junk removal jobs in Tacoma of any size. Just text us a couple of photos of your pile and we will send you our prices. There is no need to wait all day for another junk removal company to stop by and give you an estimate or fill out some long ridiculous form online. A couple of pics is all it takes. Just call or text to 2537929801 for a fast friendly quote!

Our 5x10x4 trailer can hold two pick up truck loads full of garbage or 7 cubic yards. Our 6x12x5'6" dump trailer can hold 4 pick up truck loads full of garbage or 14 cubic yards. We can also get as many guys necessary to get any job done. We hire through express personell so all our workers are insured and ready to go. We will back right up to your pile drop down our gate and load it all up. We can take care of any Junk Removal needs you have in Tacoma. 

Our skilled drivers can back up in tight or difficult spaces anywhere in Tacoma Washington. We can back up a mile if we have to without any problems. We also have 4wd for any muddy terrain. If your home is difficult to get into have no fear. We will get the job done. 

Call or Text for Tacoma Junk Removal 2537929801 or 3609905560

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6x12 Dump Trailer

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