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We definitely like to use technology for speed and to keep the prices cheaper. If you follow these steps we can give you the lowest prices possible. 

1. Put all your junk in one area where we can back right up to it. This reduces the cost of labor and time which significantly keeps the prices lower.

2. Put all loose trash in garbage bags. This reduces alot of time which will lower cost.

3. Avoid throwing away extremely heavy items like concrete, tiles and particle board. The Tacoma dump is really expensive by the weight so avoiding these items will keep your costs way down. 

4. After all your junk is in a pile text us 3 photos from different angles. This really keeps the prices down because we don't have to spend alot of time running around and giving estimates.


5. We will than text you the trailers and the prices. If you agree we try to get it removed within an hour. 

6. If you can't send photos or your junk is just scattered everywhere and you can't move it we can than go out to your house and give you an estimate

7. Give us a text or call. 2537929801

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