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DUMP TRAILER-    6X12X5'6"= 14 cubic yards

UTILITY TRAILER-  5X10X4    =   7 cubic yards

       We try our best to keep our prices the cheapest in the area.

       We charge by the cubic yard which is 3'x3'x3'. The cubic yard prices depend on the weight of the items you are throwing away so try to avoid heavy items like concrete or bricks.  

       If you bag up loose trash yourself it helps keep the prices down.

       Putting all your junk in one area where we can back up to it will also keep your price cheaper.   

       We can remove anything from anywhere but the more manpower we need will cost more money. If we can back up to the pile it generally only takes one person which really lowers the cost.

       By texting us photos of junk it saves us alot of time by not going to houses for estimates which really keeps costs down.  

       The transfer station charges $140 per ton and they also charge an extra surcharge on top of their weight fee for mattresses and furniture. 

       We take cash, check or debit card. Their is a 3% transaction fee for using debit so we advise to pay with check or cash if possible. 

       A lot of times our customers cannot be a the jobsite because of work or they have moved to another destimation already. This is not a problem. We can send a photo with all your junk in our trailer and than take a payment over the phone 

       Give us a text or call. 2537929801

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