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We like to keep scheduling simple and fast. Often we never see our customers because they are working or have moved already so we just communicate by text. We just send a photo when all the junk is loaded in our trailer and than we take a payment by phone.

Here are a few simple steps to get your junk removed:

  1. Put your pile all in one area like your in front of your garage or driveway.

  2. Take 2-3 photos from different angles and text it to us. 2537929801

  3. Text us what you are throwing away and if its a light or heavy load

  4. We will then text you the prices and if we agree we will try to remove the pile the same day and most times within the hour!

If you can't get all the items all in one area because maybe you just don't want to do it or you have items that are too heavy, we will load it all for you. Just send us more photos of the scenario. If we can't get a good idea of the job cost we will go out to your house and give you an estimate. 

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