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At RJP we are a licensed, bonded (#RJPHOHY852JT) and insured company that offers junk removal for residential and commercial customers. We pride ourselves on speed and excellent customer service. We are clean cut, friendly, polite and professional. We will treat your home better than our own. 

We provide a full spectrum of junk removal services in Tacoma and surrounding areas. We have the tools and skills to take apart swing sets, trampolines, and small decks if needed. 

We have superior backing skills. We can back our trailers into the tightest spaces to get the job done. 

We love to communicate with you. We often hear from clients that other junk removal companies never answer their phone and just want them to fill out forms. We like to talk on the phone and communicate with text and photos. Our customers love this style and always tell us that our way is the best. 

Residential Clean Up
Commercial Junk Removal
Storage Units

Storage Units

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