We are the best YARD WASTE REMOVAL, BRUSH REMOVAL and YARD DEBRIS REMOVAL service in TACOMA WASHINGTON. We have (38) 5 star reviews on google and we obsess over our customers. Did you just cut down some trees or bushes? Maybe just raked up the leaves? Just put all your yard waste in a pile where we can back up to it  and text us a photo of your pile or call us. We will leave the area as if nothing was ever there. We have our 4x4 heavy duty truck to get through any terrain and we can pretty much back in anywhere. Our dump trailers make the job a load only and the dump does the rest. We charge you after we throw in the yard waste and it is smashed down. 







































 Yard Waste

We take any type of brush such as leaves, pine needles, sticker bushes, branches and tree debris.

Storm Clean Up

Those winter storms can make a huge mess from fallen trees to scattered branches. We have the manpower and equipment to handle any job.

Small Tree Removal

If you have any small trees around your property that you want to get rid of, we can easily cut them down and remove them. We can also cut down branches that are hanging over your roof causing leaves to fall and clog up your gutters.


Unfortunately we do not take sod at this time. After we upgrade our trucks again we will start taking it. 


We can haul off any stumps. We just roll them up our drop down gate with a dolly. 


Unfortunately wood does not count as yard waste but we can come back and do a junk run for you.


If the job is to big we can rent a mini escavator to get the job done easier. If you rent one on your own try to schedule us the same day to make loading easier and will lower the price.


If you do the cutting yourself, just make a pile where we can back right up to it. Also try to pile it up in one direction so it less likely to get tangled. No matter where you pile it, we can get the job done.

Texting Pics

You can make it easy by texting the dimensions of your pile and a couple of pics and we can give you a rough estimate over the phone.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

We are licensed and insured to give you protection when we do any work on your property. We also insure all our employees and have them background checked. We are also bonded which gives you protection whenever you sign a contract.  

Full Property Inspection

We do many other services besides junk removal. While we are at your house, we can go over your whole property for other estimates on different services you might need. 

Real Estate Agents

We love working with real estate agents to get a house ready for sale. We provide various services so you don't have to waste time working with various companies.  

Christmas Tree Removal

Just get with a couple of your neighbors and make a load of Christmas trees for us to pick up. You can split the bill with each other.  


Text us detail of job and photos for rough estimate over phone. We can also stop by and survey the job and give you an estimate. You can also email at raypasillas@gmail.com.


We charge $55 per cubic yard for removal of already cut and piled yard waste in TACOMA WASHINGTON. If we have to do the cutting ourselves than we can give you a bid or charge by the hour. A full load in our 5x10x4 which holds 7 cubic yards is $385 plus tax. A full load in our 6x12x5'6" trailer which holds 14 cubic yards is $770 plus tax. We charge $95 per cubic yard for pine needles. They are compact and heavy which makes them expensive to get rid of along with the amount of labor it takes to load them. We have a 4 cubic yard minimum. 


If the yard waste is all in one pile and we can back up to it than you will save money. It takes less labor for us to get the brush in our trailer and get out of your hair which reduces labor costs. 


We like to be at your house within one hour of your call. We take pride in our speed. If we can't accomplish this we generally like to schedule for the next day at 930AM. We would appreciate any special instructions to find your house. Sometimes people live out in the woods and their house can be hard to find. You don't even have to be at the jobsite. We can load up all the materials, text u photos and u can pay by phone. Believe it or not we don't ever see about 10% of customers. We communicate by text and photos to get the job done.


We take all major Debit/Credit cards, checks and cash. We prefer to take check since there is no transaction fee. If you can't be at jobsite we can take a payment over the phone. We will text you photos when yard waste is in trailer. 


Give us a call or text today for Tacoma Yard Waste REMOVAL. If we don't answer definitely give us a text or call back in 15 minutes. We don't want to lose your good business. 2537929801

What Kind of REMOVAL

Dump Trailer   6x12x5'6"= 14 Cubic Yards

Utility Trailer    5x10x4    = 7   Cubic Yards

  • Blackberry Bushes Removal

  • Leaves Removal

  • Branches Removal

  • Limbs Removal

  • Vines Removal

  • Lawn Clippings Removal

  • and much much more

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